Redwood City Prefabricated Housing Project: Project Profile

Michael Bullman, architect and senior associate with The Office of Charles F. Bloszies, FAIA, describes the implementation of AEC technology on the prefabricated housing project in Redwood City, California, designed using its own proprietary modular solution called step(1)housing.

The use of older software technology actually enabled more advanced construction techniques for this project. Sometimes the best innovation lies in finding new uses for old things.


2 thoughts on “Redwood City Prefabricated Housing Project: Project Profile

  1. I would be interested in learning more about the features of this project that address climate change issues such as: solar panels, use of induction cooktops, heat pumps for heating and cooling, etc. Were there any requirements from the San Mateo County Project Development Unit regarding these and related issues?


  2. Hi Paul, yes the County was a motivating force behind the strategies listed above. Per internal County requirements we plan on LEED certification for the project; the above strategies will hopefully help us with this goal. It also helped that there was no gas service on site, which made the all-electric approach a no-brainer.


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