Smart MEP Design for a Large-scale Residential Project using FineMEP

This article by Abdelwahab Krim, an MEP Project Manager, highlights the practical benefits of using BIM software for MEP design for achieving a high-quality result in the shortest possible time, using as reference a project he worked on — the “Mawteny Residence,” a multistorey building situated in Oran, Algeria, with over 200 apartments that is currently under construction.

The software that was deployed was the FineMEP Suite comprising FineHVAC, FineSANI and FineGAS, and it was used for the piping and dimensioning of the HVAC, sanitary and gas networks, as well as for the detailed specifications of the related HVAC and plumbing equipment. Because of the combined use and critical synergies of the three applications, the design time was also significantly reduced.


One thought on “Smart MEP Design for a Large-scale Residential Project using FineMEP

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article on smart MEP design for a large-scale residential project using FineMEP. It’s impressive to see how technology is being used to optimize building performance and energy efficiency. The use of tools like FineMEP can greatly streamline the MEP design process and help ensure that the end result meets the highest standards.

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