A Digital Twin for a Health Care Facility using IoT and Edge Computing Devices

This research paper by Ashit Harode and Walid Thabet of Virginia Tech and Michael B. DuLaney of UCHealth describes the creation of a low-level Digital Twin that allows visualizing and monitoring five key parameters that measure the air quality in an operating room suite at a health care facility in Denver, Colorado. Data captured from various sensors or simulated are transmitted to the Digital Twin Power BI platform using the Raspberry Pi 4 and Azure Services. This implementation provides vital, near-real-time monitoring of the air quality within a critical space of a facility.

URL: https://www.aecbytes.com/research/2022/DigitalTwinHealthCare.html

Allplan 2018


Among the roster of BIM applications used globally, Allplan from the publicly traded Nemetschek Group is close to the top of the list. Headquartered in Germany, similar to its parent company, Allplan has had a strong European presence for decades—Nemetschek was founded all the way back in 1963 as an “engineering firm for the construction industry” and Allplan was its main product. Given its long history in the AEC industry, its tools and capabilities have been honed over decades of deployment and development, making it one of the most comprehensive applications for detailed design and construction.

While a comprehensive overview of Allplan was provided in the BIM Study Evaluation Report published in 2010, this review looks at the updates in the 2018 version of the application that has been just been released, including its brand new user interface, modeling and visualization enhancements, and integration with the open cloud-based collaboration platform, Bimplus, that allows it to be part of a large whole.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/review/2017/Allplan2018.html

Comparison of Bentley ProjectWise and Autodesk Vault for AEC

The  objective of this research was to compare the applications, Bentley’s  ProjectWise and Autodesk’s Vault, for data management and collaboration in AEC.  The impetus was to respond to a number of readers who  have written in over the years to find out if such a comparison exists. Rather than a detailed  analysis of the individual features of ProjectWise and Vault, the report provides a brief overview of each in several key categories,  enabling a high-level, at-a-glance comparison of the two applications.

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