AEC Project Presentations from the 2013 Be Inspired Awards

This article follows up on the recent overview of Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2013 Conference, with a dedicated look at the projects that were selected as the finalists in the building-related categories of Bentley’s annual Be Inspired awards, the winners of which were announced at the conference.




One thought on “AEC Project Presentations from the 2013 Be Inspired Awards

  1. It is now commonplace to use BIM and it surprised me that for several of these projects, it was the first time that BIM had been used by the architect or other consultant. I was also surprised that there were no awards that focused on the process used for design and construction and how BIM was used to enable superior integration, use of off-site fabrication, better coordination, etc. If Bentley and others continue to make awards in the future, I would like to see them focus on aspects of a project that were unusually good because of the processes, tools and owner benefits, e.g., special benefits from generative design. Just making awards for good buildings does not seem to provide insights into the changing nature of the AEC industry.

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