Little Case Study – One Firm’s Migration to the Cloud

In this article, Chris France, the author of many previous AECbytes articles on the implementation of the “cloud” in AEC, presents a detailed case study about the successes and challenges that Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an international architecture and design firm, encountered on its journey to the cloud. It comes from his 11 years experience as the CIO of the firm, and his first-hand knowledge of its cloud initiatives captured in this case study, along with the lessons learnt, can be used as a strategy document for other AEC firms embarking on their cloud journey.


3 thoughts on “Little Case Study – One Firm’s Migration to the Cloud

  1. Thank you for a very interesting article, Chris.
    Some questions on Revit project files please:
    Like all other files, it appears that Revit project Central files reside in the cloud. Can you please clarify that Revit Server, Panzura etc are not used?
    Can Revit users from any office collaborate with the one Central file?
    Is their geographic location irrelevant for the users? Do they all see a common drive letter?
    Thanking you in advance.

  2. Anthony,

    Thank you for your comment. When a firm has their CAD workstations, Revit/Design Applications, File Server, and LAN in the private cloud it is just like you are sitting in your single office. We’ve “virtually co-located” the entire team so no “data movers” are required. Revit Server not used, Panzura not used. The strategy is to bring people to the data rather than data to the people. Once we can bring people to the data, the people can be anywhere as long as they have a good broadband connection.

    Chris France

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