Capturing Expert Knowledge in Design Coordination to Train Novice Designers

It is often said that experience is the best teacher, but what happens if the teacher is absent? How will the rising generation of construction professionals apply the insight of veteran practitioners, in an industry where recent economic turmoil has driven them to retire in droves? This is the motivation of the design coordination research led by Dr. Fernanda Leite at the University of Texas at Austin, described in this Viewpoint article. It is focused on investigating how to capture the tacit experiential knowledge of veteran practitioners in design coordination to train novice designers more effectively.


2 thoughts on “Capturing Expert Knowledge in Design Coordination to Train Novice Designers

  1. This is an exciting area of research and I look forward to future updates on its results. This article would have been more useful had it included examples of the type of rules or reasoning that are being used to capture the experience of experts. What kinds of algorithms or computer learning approaches are being used? I hope a future article will cover these questions.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Paul. My PhD student working on this research has published several papers which cover the details you mention. We are also finalizing a manuscript to cover the reasoning mechanisms. I can share the reasoning paper once it gets published. Best, Fernanda

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