The “Internet of Things” in AEC

One of the technology catch-phrases that we are increasingly starting to hear more about is the “Internet of Things”—commonly understood as the notion that at some point in the near future, all devices will be Internet-enabled and able to communicate with each other. While this can certainly be used to make buildings with smarter controls and sensors so that they are more responsive to their occupants once they are designed, built, and inhabited, can the “Internet of Things” also be applied in the building design and construction phases? Can it help to make the tasks of AEC professionals simpler, smarter, and more efficient? It is precisely such questions that this article sets out to explore.


2 thoughts on “The “Internet of Things” in AEC

  1. I’ve done an IoT project using Revit’s Analysis Visualization Framework.
    I’d love to get any feedback & recommendations. Great Article by the way!

    Utilizing Revit’s Analysis Visualization Framework:

    Things in Prototype Phase:

    Things Fabricated from BIM:

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