HOK’s Fifth Annual BIM Awards

This article takes a look at the some of the key projects in HOK’s 5th Annual BIM Awards competition, an internal program that HOK runs every year to draw out and highlight projects from its offices all over the world that exhibit exemplary and innovative use of BIM and integrated design. This year’s line-up included a diverse array of projects including a science and technology campus in Korea, a tourism resort in China, a residential development in India, a healthcare campus in St Louis, and a roof terrace in an office building in Washington DC. I had the privilege of serving on the jury for the competition this year, which gave me the opportunity to review all the finalist’s presentations and get an understanding of their projects. It also provides an excellent insight into the current state of the art of BIM implementation at HOK, and by extension, in the architectural profession as a whole, and raises some interesting questions about the future of BIM technology.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/feature/2015/HOK_BIM_Awards.html