Aconex: Cloud Platform for AEC Collaboration

This review explore the features and functionality of the cloud-based collaboration solution, Aconex, which has grown steadily from a fledgling company in Australia, founded 15 years ago, to a company that recently went public and is used to manage several large-scale construction and engineering projects across the globe. It looks at the factors that contribute to its growing adoption and success, particularly when so many other collaboration solutions—especially in the AEC dotcom days—failed even to survive, let alone gain traction. It also explores the difference between project-wide and firm-wide collaboration solutions—which has not been well understood so far—and looks at the “Connected BIM” module of the application, which allows all the members of the extended design team to work with the project BIM models—using only a web browser—to identity and resolve issues as well as enhance the models with asset information for handover.