OneDesign: Blurring the lines between Architecture, Engineering and Contracting

This insightful article by John Tobin, VP for Operations at EYP, discusses the segmentation of disciplines in AEC, the need to create a more expansive and fluid definition of the design profession, and how concepts like BIM and IPD are more indicative of segmentation than of the specialization they are commonly perceived to reflect.


2 thoughts on “OneDesign: Blurring the lines between Architecture, Engineering and Contracting

  1. Great Article John,

    The frustrating thing about BIM that many people fail to address, is that it allows collaboration… It doesn’t cause it.

    The big problem in construction is one of contracts and teamwork (specialisation as you put it) not technology.

    Many people have pointed at companies like Boeing and said ‘Look, these guys can make an entire aircraft and fly it out of the hanger without needing to test it – we can do that with BIM!’ But I think that that is nonsense 😉

    The key differentiator here is Boeing… One company holding the whole operation together, with everyone sharing a responsibility for quality and margin.

    One company I have been following with interest is the Beck Group. This contracting company has hired Architects and is offering customers the complete package. While they’ve had teething problems asking the Architects and Engineers to work so closely together, in the end, they seem to be making it work for themselves and the customer.

    Here’s a link to an article I found interesting:

    Keep up the good work!


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