Delivering on the Promise of BIM

This Viewpoint article highlights the challenge of the project information explosion caused by the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the AEC industry and the importance of managing all this project information systematically to render order from chaos. When properly implemented, BIM is delivering tangible benefits to all project stakeholders, but AEC firms also need to adopt adjunct systems to manage BIM inputs and outputs in a way that helps them deliver on the promise of BIM.


One thought on “Delivering on the Promise of BIM

  1. This article highlights one of the key problems with BIM that most of us in the AEC industry give little thought to — that it creates much more project documentation and information, simply because it’s so easy to create as compared to when all the drawings and documentation had to be created manually. However, rather than continuously refining PM/PIM solutions so that they can handle an ever-increasing amount of project data — a problem that is going to continue to get worse — it seems to me that we could do with solutions that can actually condense project data and ensure that only the optimal/minimal amount needed to construct a building gets created rather than the surfeit of information that we have now. After all, the best way to eliminate clutter — in any aspect of life — is not to create it in the first place!

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