ArchiCAD 19

This review explores the main developments in the new release of ArchiCAD, including its patent-pending “predictive background processing” capability that significantly enhances the speed and responsiveness of the application, the ability to open multiple views in tabs, point cloud support, smoother and faster 3D navigation with OpenGL, easier application of materials to surfaces, IFC improvements, and additional interface and documentation enhancements.

It also raises the provocative question of whether the never-ending quest for better speed, performance, and power from our BIM applications is simply encouraging the “do more and more” mentality in the AEC industry.


2 thoughts on “ArchiCAD 19

  1. We have been using ArchiCAD 19 on a migrated project since the end of July.

    What we would like to offer to others is advice before they consider migrating existing projects.

    1st, this release is suppose to be faster, it is not, from what we can tell with all our users who have upgraded that ArchiCAD 19 is at least 25% slower if not more so. This is based on the constant spinning beach ball. Some of this has to do with bugs with the Marque tool, the Renovation Palette, and the Trace tools.

    General screen redraw in 2D of plans is very slow and choppy. Drawing Revisions bubbles causes at least 3 screen redraws before the user can begin to work.

    Background processing is non-existent. We have tabs open of Layouts which should already be updated but they are not and upon navigating to these tabs, the drawings begin updating all over again, albeit very slowly. It is as if we have become stuck in molasses.

    The migration itself seemed to go well but upon effecting a profile wall with a simple addition of finish trim board, many dimensions randomly adjusted to differing dimension reference snap points, something we have never had happen in any BIM CAD we have ever used.

    We were also left wondering about the total lack of cross file resource management and no relative links for all these references. Of course, none of the BIM CAD players have this issue figured out as resources and attributes of many types spanning files is a BIM overhead time eater.

    This slowness has been experienced on a Mac Pro late 2013 12 Core with 32 GB RAM, not quite the top Mac but close. This is a relatively small standard project of 130 apartments on 3 stories. By no means a BIG project, which we are left wondering, how are they getting by with this slowness on their projects of a different scale.

  2. You are not alone. I’m modeling outdoor wood construction, 4×4 meters, and I simply can’t do anything without waiting and waiting…

    Graphisoft has many problems and their product is not working as it should … I mean speed is part of their brain washing videos but it still works very very slow… It starts well but as time passes, it goes from good to annoying and terrible …

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