Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference

This article describes the technology updates shared by Bentley at its recent Year in Infrastructure (YII) conference, including several new products such as LumenRT, a real-time animation and visualization application for infrastructure design; ContextCapture, a reality modeling application that can create detailed city models from 3D meshes captured with photographs rather than point clouds; OpenRoads ConceptStation, a tool specifically for conceptual infrastructure design; ProjectWise Scenario Services, which can compare and contrast different design scenarios; Structural Insights, which provides key at-a-glance indicators summarizing the performance of a structure; EADOC, which enables cloud-based construction management; and many others. Bentley also showed the updated features of the new CONNECT editions of its products, which continue to be extensively used by leading design and construction projects for a vast range of infrastructure projects around the globe.


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  1. Thanks for keeping up your pressure on Autodesk and Bentley to simplify and automate their systems. Increasing scope of software makes this even more important.

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