Technology Solutions for AEC Exhibited at Autodesk University 2015

This article provides an overview of several third-party AEC technology solutions that were on display in the Exhibit Hall at Autodesk University last month, including the versatile visualization and analysis tool, Fuzor; energy analysis tools such as Sefaira, IESVE, and ElumTools; the powerful stand-alone visualization tool, Twinmotion; design applications and plug-ins from Transoft and Ideate; the virtualization technology of Frame and how it applies to AEC; new construction offerings including Newforma LeanPlanner and Assemble Insight; the laser scanning company Skycatch, which makes drones as well as laser scanning software and has attracted a strategic investment from Autodesk; and finally, the latest in computers, printers, and graphics cards from Dell, Lenovo, Epson, HP, and AMD.