Archetris Schema: Early-stage Programming and Space Planning

This review explores a new solution, Schema from Archetris, for space programming and planning in the preliminary design phase of a building project. It comes in six distinct yet integrated modules, which collectively chart a traditional linear workflow of developing, iterating, and refining a design from the most spatially abstract to the most spatially defined solution. It also includes Revit integration, allowing the data and conceptual designs from the preliminary design stage to be transferred to the detailed design development in a BIM environment.


2 thoughts on “Archetris Schema: Early-stage Programming and Space Planning

  1. Lachmi,

    This looks like it could be a useful product, but it has a ways to go. Two issues not really addressed in your review: adjacencies and cost. These are both important and not illustrated (if they exist).


  2. According to the developers, adjacencies are on the roadmap, but not costs. Personally, I am not so convinced that a programming and space planning application like Archetris needs to have costing capability. Don’t owners and developers calculate the projected cost of a project based on its overall area rather than the detailed program? In fact, isn’t the overall area derived from the budget of the program? And will a more detailed allocation of that area in a building program likely to change the projected cost that much from the budget? I don’t think so.

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