How Mead & Hunt Marshals Resources to Improve Project Delivery

In this Viewpoint article, Andy Knauf, Vice President of IT at Mead & Hunt, a top-ranked architecture and engineering firm, describes how his firm searched for and subsequently found and implemented an effective solution that would enable its multi-state workforce ¬– more than 525 employees in 30 active offices as well as numerous job site offices – around the US to share and access files and project information quickly and easily for improved project delivery.


2 thoughts on “How Mead & Hunt Marshals Resources to Improve Project Delivery

  1. Thank you Andy for generously sharing your experience with multi office project delivery.

    Would you mind letting me know if Panzura with its controllers provides a complete turnkey package or do you also have to separately purchase Amazon/ other cloud storage / services for the cloud part of the storage?

    Do all your offices use the same model Panzura controllers or are the controllers selected based on the number of staff at each branch office?

    Is the latency between the east and west coast offices constant throughout the day or does it increase during the middle of the day when your bandwidth usage is higher?

    Based on your experience, do you think Panzura would work for an international branch for M&H say in Asia. What criteria would you use to decide?

    Thank you once again for your generosity.

  2. Hey Plessey,

    You can use your own storage but most people elect to use Amazon or another cloud provide. Because we store everything in the cloud we are making all our backups in the cloud as well.

    We have 4050 controller in the main office and 2801’s and 2820’s in the other offices.

    The latency between the offices stays about the same with our best results at 25ms and worst results around 85ms. The office’s share about the same performance throughout the country.

    You should be fine running international, I know a couple of firms with controllers in various locations around the world and run just fine.


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