The new version of ARCHICAD—typically released by GRAPHISOFT around this time every year—was formally launched at a first-of-its-kind “LiveSteam” event this year, in which the live physical launch held in Budapest was simultaneously broadcast online and available all over the world. Those familiar with ARCHICAD know that each new release of ARCHICAD revolves around a theme, and for ARCHICAD 20, this was “A Fresh Look at BIM,” which has been achieved by a revamped interface, a significant improvement in adding and managing model information, and the ability bi-directionally integrate with Rhino and Grasshopper in real-time to bring organic modeling and algorithmic design to BIM. This review explores each of these enhancements in more detail, starting with the Rhino/Grasshopper integration.


2 thoughts on “ARCHICAD 20

  1. We have been using ARCHICAD 20 during development of an Add-in for a client at our company. The software is impressive. The flat-modern interface look might not appeal to everyone and takes existing users a bit getting-used-to, but it’s well done.

    The Graphical Overrides alongside a better handling of custom properties are very big to me. It solves an old problem we had with historic reconstruction projects, where we wanted to visually indicate levels-of-certainty on objects, but preferable in a BIM-integrated manner (and not by struggling in external rendering applications or manually colorising in Photoshop). This approach is model-based and data-driven. Alongside support for IFC4, these are the “Killer Features” of this release to me. The GUI is “nice-to-have,” frankly.

    The Grasshopper integration is also welcome. Having an integrated visual design environment (such as Marionette) would have been nice, but also a big investment and development effort, that would have jeopardised other features.

  2. Lachmi, Another awesome piece… Thanks! You don’t get to read words like “concomitant” everyday… you make me long to use ArchiCAD again. Stefan, Good to read you here too. Best wishes to you both – Josh

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