IPD and the Cloud

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In this article, Chris France, whose previous articles on BIM and the Cloud in AECbytes were all about cloud technology (high performance workstations in the cloud) being adopted by firms so they could collaborate between all their offices effortlessly, now highlights what has changed with BIM cloud technologies and how they are being used for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).  He discusses the three main cloud IPD strategies to choose from — Distributed, Hybrid, and Private Cloud — in detail and how they are different from each other. He also provides recommendations and best practices for IPD technology.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/viewpoint/2016/issue_81.html

One thought on “IPD and the Cloud

  1. Excellent article on various approaches to supporting an IPD team using cloud-based applications. It is a complex world out there and Chris sorts out the issues very well. There is one other aspect of this problem that needs to be considered: how does this data migrate to the owner after the project is completed so that it can be used for FM functions. Increasingly, owners want to get life-cycle value from BIM by linking it to their FM systems, so this needs to be considered when the design and construction collaboration system is planed and not at the end of the project.

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