Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference


Last week, Bentley held its annual Year in Infrastructure (YII) conference in London, and while the event had a similar format as earlier years—with corporate, technology, and product updates from Bentley in the many infrastructure disciplines it develops software for, and presentations from the finalists vying for the YII 2018 Awards in different project categories—there were so many new developments and updates from Bentley that it was almost impossible to keep them straight. In contrast to previous years where most of the discourse was centered around Bentley’s software, this year’s event had a more visionary tone to it, with the concepts of “digital twins” and “open source” taking center stage. With regard to the software itself, there were acquisitions and integrations galore as well as several brand-new products developed in-house, not to mention a rebranding of many existing solutions.


One thought on “Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference

  1. Lachmi,
    I want to echo your thoughts about how Bentley names its many products. I am always overwhelmed by the names and tremendous number of their products. I lack direct access to these products because they seldom are used for buildings but find their application mainly in industrial plants and large infrastructure projects. So I read your reports about them with great care and try to understand where they are going. I applaud your efforts to help us understand what they have done.


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