AI in AEC: An Introduction

If there is one technology trend that stands out for generating the most “buzz” these days, it has to be AI (artificial intelligence). Hardly a day goes by when I don’t read about some interesting implementation of the technology. While the AEC industry can hardly be described as being on the “leading edge” when it comes to adopting new technologies, AI in AEC is starting to see some traction. This article provides an overview of the technology underlying AI so we have a better understanding of it and then compiles what we have so far in terms of the use of AI in AEC applications.


2 thoughts on “AI in AEC: An Introduction

  1. Lachmi, As with everything it seems two issues emerge, first whenever good new technology appears, also a sinister side emerges, and second AEC is typically significantly behind the curve. Robotics does seem to be the vehicle delivering AI to AEC. I am a little less optimistic than you, I am afraid, as I have read articles about the more sinister side of AI where countries are building drones that self target threats. Of course on the potentially good side we have autonomous vehicles and that technology has crept into AEC with essentially self driving earth movers based on BIM, and of course self driving delivery vehicles, There is even an automated container port being build in Italy (by the Chinese). Improvements in the supply chain brought by autonomous delivery vehicles will also help AEC, if the deliveries are not seen as threats by the drones…

  2. Thanks for the insights, Deke. AI technology can, of course, be used in sinister ways, as you point out, and these are harder to mitigate it since the technology is so specialized that very few can understand and work with it. In AEC, however, I am optimistic that AI will only be applied to improve things, since the ultimate goal is so straightforward and easy to assess — building “faster, cheaper, and better.”

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