TonicDM: Project Information Management for AEC

While the AEC industry is more than amply served by solutions for project management (PM), construction management (CM), and team collaboration for our increasingly complex buildings and infrastructure projects, the field of project information management (PIM) has, until now, been relatively sparse. However, the need for a good PIM solution has intensified, and one of the new solutions that has emerged in this space is TonicDM.

While organizing project information so that it is easier to find and eliminating duplication is the basic function of a PIM solution, it can further streamline many common PM tasks such as creating and tracking submittals and RFIs. While TonicDM provides all these capabilities, what sets it apart is its strong focus on ease of use and the use of smarts to automate many routine tasks, minimizing the work users would have to put in towards managing project information.


One thought on “TonicDM: Project Information Management for AEC

  1. I use TonicDM now and love it. I particularly like the file transfer portion. No more sending files attached to emails or Dropbox links. I now have 17 projects on the site and will continue to add them as they come in.

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