Visicon: Model Review and Validation

Visicon is a new solution in the AEC technology field which, at first glance, seems to be entering into an already crowded field of BIM viewing, model checking, coordination, and collaboration solutions. On a closer look, however, I found that it not only has a unique mix of capabilities that span model viewing, data visualization, model interrogation, and design coordination, it also has a fresh take on many of these features, the benefit of being built from scratch. The ultimate objective, however, remains the same—to create an accurate design model that meets quality control standards, which allows the data needed for downstream processes to be easily extracted from it, and which can be reviewed by anyone (for free) without requiring the original authoring application.


3 thoughts on “Visicon: Model Review and Validation

  1. Interesting indeed… A few questions remaining:
    (a) Does it support IFC4 as well as IFC2x3?
    (b) Is there a BCF export option for issues?
    (c) Is there an import option for “rule requirements” (e.g. mvdXML requirement sets, Solibri rule sets etc)
    (d) Are more plugins than for Revit in the pipeline? E.g. for Sketchup, Archicad? Tekla?

  2. Frode,

    I have provided my answers to your questions below:
    a) Yes, we support all IFC versions.
    b) We don’t support a BCF export for issues yet, but it is on our short-term development plan. I understand it is an important part of linking Visicon’s model review capabilities into other project management workflows.
    c) Currently, we support our own Template format that can be used to store and recall any filters, rule expressions and operation parameters (clash check, etc.). I hope I understood your question correctly.
    d) Yes, we had to start somewhere but are planning a wide range of plugins to more easily support other model formats. IFC is unfortunately, not always the most reliable transfer format.

  3. Thank you for quick reply.
    (a) Great!
    (b) Good to hear, BIM Collaboration Format is a key part in open BIM Collaboration processes.
    (c) OK. We start using mvdXML ( requirement sets now, and currently use Solibri a lot (hence direct support for their rule sets would be “nice” but not crucial)
    (d) IFC should be reliable if you model properly – unfortunately there is plenty of room to make shitty models ending with .ifc 🙂

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