The Flexibility of BIM and Benefits for MEP Engineers

In this article, Michael Tobias, founder and principal of New York Engineers, lists the many benefits of BIM for MEP engineers in addition to the primary advantages of saving time and money, reducing errors, improving productivity and quality, and being able to work as a key part of a multi-disciplinary team.


2 thoughts on “The Flexibility of BIM and Benefits for MEP Engineers

  1. This is an excellent article that summarizes, by project phase, the many benefits that Revit brings to the project team and to the MEP engineers in particular. I would like to add three benefits that are not emphasized in this article.

    The first benefit is that BIM can provide the information needed for automated building systems that will be increasingly used for large and complex buildings with extensive HVAC and other systems. These systems utilize many sensors for the outside environment and equipment to ensure that all systems are operating correctly for the given conditions and that all equipment is performing correctly. Such systems are currently not widely used, but will be increasingly used in the near future as costs decrease and the need for sustainable buildings increases.

    The second benefit that BIM can provide is to allow FM staff to participate during the design phase to ensure efficient and manageable HVAC and other systems and then to make sure that the information needed to support these systems is entered into the BIM model completely and accurately by the project team.

    Finally, as increasing use of manufacturing facilities is made for project components, BIM can provide the information needed for an information system that links manufacturing sites, other suppliers and project contractors (to answer such questions as: where is the material, what is its current status, what are the impacts of delays, etc.). This type of coordination is required to ensure a high performance and cost effective project.

  2. Seems to be two ceilings Revit MEP users have to push through…..😣. (1) The Autocad Group😜😜 and (2) Upper Management 🤑🤑🤑.

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