Bentley Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference

Bentley’s signature annual event, The Year in Infrastructure (YII) conference, was held a few weeks ago in Singapore. While I did not attend the event in person this year, the main updates from the event can be distilled from the comprehensive resources about it that Bentley has made available online, including technology and business keynotes from Bentley executives and guest speakers, press releases, product briefings, and project summaries of all the finalists and winners from Bentley’s annual YII awards competition. This article presents a summary of the key technology updates, followed by some additional details about what was shared.


2 thoughts on “Bentley Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference

  1. Lachmi,
    I am fascinated by the opportunities for Digital Twins, and am so glad you highlighted these in your article. One issue they raise is “who will keep the DT model current”? Will the FM staff do this, or the architect/engineer who makes changes to the physical building, or perhaps a new consulting service will be needed?

    What do you think?


  2. Thanks, Paul! I think this will have to be done by owners/operators, either by their in-house FM staff or by external consulting/service companies. This can open up a whole new service category! The possibilities are endless, since there will always be ways to make a facility/infrastructure/city operate more efficiently.

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