Infurnia: Cloud-based Architecture and Interior Design

The number of cloud-based applications for the AEC industry has been steadily rising since cloud computing was introduced over a decade ago, but so far, most of these applications have been for tasks such as project management, collaboration, model-checking, issue management, and construction planning—tasks that deal primarily with content that has been already created. Applications that actually allow you to author design content using a web browser are few and far between, and even those that exist are primarily desktop applications that have been extended to work on the web, such as SketchUp and AutoCAD. This is why when I came across Infurnia, I was intrigued, because it was developed from the ground up as a cloud-based design application. There is no desktop version and nothing that needs to be installed for it to work.

So how well does it actually work? Let’s find out.


4 thoughts on “Infurnia: Cloud-based Architecture and Interior Design

  1. As I understand ownership of IP voluntarily uploaded to cloud servers, such IP becomes the property of the entity operating the servers. Why would one choose to pay for the privilege of giving away the product and the process of their professional activities? Is it just to avoid installing software?

  2. Hi Earl, Lovepreet here, co-founder of Infurnia. The IP ownership is completely dependent on the terms and conditions under which a product is uploaded. If you go through our terms and conditions on our website, you can see that any object/material/data uploaded by the customer remain the property of the customer. Any design data generated while creating designs also remain the property of the designer/organization. We also provide self-hosted solutions for enterprises.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, I am co-founder and CEO of Infurnia. Was really delighted to read this review on AECBytes today morning.

    @earltrahthgil, hi just wanted to clarify a few things related to IP –
    1) The IP or ownership of design data does not belong to Infurnia. Design data is owned by user/designer. It is merely hosted on Infurnia servers and we provide end points to access that data through one or more ways. The ownership and IP rights model is fairly similar to that of Google docs.
    2) Soon we will add an option to download design as IFC, so that it can be imported in other IFC compliant software.
    3) We have an open source roadmap. To be announced soon 🙂

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