AEC (Technology) in the Time of Coronavirus

In the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult to find something meaningful and relevant to write about in the area of AEC technology, the focus area of AECbytes. The best I have been able to come up with is to highlight the impact of the crisis on the AEC industry so far and the response to it from AEC technology. A pandemic like this also behooves us to look into the future and ask how this might change—if at all—the nature of our industry in terms of what gets built, how it will be designed and constructed, and the technology that will be required to support it.



One thought on “AEC (Technology) in the Time of Coronavirus

  1. Lachmi,
    Thank you for this very timely and perceptive article. One impact that also deserves particular mention is that this pandemic will probably push collaboration via the web with an increasing emphasis on improved sharing of visual (from models and the site) and digital sources. Clearly, cloud-based systems will replace local platform computer systems and mobile viewing and markup will be needed by most systems. These trends were all in progress before the Coronavirus pandemic, but we can expect them to accelerate.

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