New Orleans Superdome: Project Profile

ZELUS describes the Phase One renovation of the New Orleans Superdome, for which it provided pre-construction services. The Superdome was originally built in the 1970s and has become one of the most iconic sports stadiums in the US. It remains the largest fixed-dome structure in the world.

Using the BIM as-built has proven mission-critical to this project. With a structure as complex, grand in scale, and iconic as the Superdome, everyone working on the project has to know what they’re getting into before construction begins. 


2 thoughts on “New Orleans Superdome: Project Profile

  1. A huculean piece of work, and an informative description of it. I wish it had gone deeper into the budgeting for the pre-construction scanning and modeling. My thumbnail tells me that this work might have cost about 0.1% of the overall project budget. If I’m at all close to right, I doubt that anyone could doubt its value during construction. But my guesses could be way off.
    Demonstrating the value of detailed scans to owners of renovation projects is a challenge. At the outset of a project, waste due to unanticipated conditions is hypothetical, as is savings due to working from an as-built model. Projects like this provide the best opportunity to demonstrate the value of working from a detailed as-built model. But credible dollar numbers speak loudest to owners. I don’t see much of that kind of thing here.

  2. Difficult to put a true value because there were so many users of the model but you are incredibly close to calculating the cost was 0.1% of the stated project. And if the owner utilizes the dimensionally accurate model post renovation, the value is even greater.

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