NVIDIA GTC 2021: The Omniverse

The biggest news out of this year’s annual GTC conference that NVIDIA — best known for its GPUs (graphics processing units) for gaming and professional markets such as AEC — puts together to showcase the latest developments in its products was the Omniverse. It is a 3D virtual world that can contain models created by many different people in many different applications in diverse locations around the world.

This article looks at the Omniverse in more detail, including what it is, how it works, and how it is being used by leading architectural firms like Foster + Partners and KPF (Kohn Pedersen Fox).

URL: https://www.aecbytes.com/newsletter/2021/issue_108.html

2 thoughts on “NVIDIA GTC 2021: The Omniverse

  1. My question is about Omniverse’s use of Universal Scene Description (USD). It seems USD is an excellent format for creating realistic scenes. Are there plans to extend the USD to include information such as is found in an information model (BIM)? Are there plans to extend the model to allow “parametric” components that can generate the USD? Might it be possible to have “live” information or even static external information being taken into the system?
    I can envisage a world that is interactive, accessible and useful in a design sense if some of this could be achieved.

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