CORE Studio: AEC Technology Development at Thornton Tomasetti

The AEC industry is seeing an increasing trend towards dedicated software development by AEC firms themselves, a trend that was highlighted in recent AECbytes articles such as Technology – A Catalyst for Innovation, Sustainability and Design at Foster + Partners and AEC Technology Development at Bryden Wood. This article captures the cutting-edge technology development initiatives at Thornton Tomasetti, a leading structural engineering firm with a global footprint, including a staff of over 1,500, offices in various cities across the world, and projects in over 54 countries. These applications are developed by a dedicated software group in the firm called CORE Studio.


3 thoughts on “CORE Studio: AEC Technology Development at Thornton Tomasetti

  1. @pteicholz. Thanks for the question. Digital Twins start with the geometric characteristics of the asset that needs to be updated as the asset/building changes over time. So we are proposing Konstru to be used for that purpose which does not rely on binary files (say revit files which are largely not usable after 4-5 years) but just a database of the geometry, BIM, and analytical data.

  2. Yes, the DT model does need the geometric data, but it also needs all the information about the systems and equipment well as the connections among these entities. This information needs to be collected during the design and construction process and then kept current over the life of the project.

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