Five Powerful Lessons Shaping the Future of AEC

The past few years have been challenging for the AEC industry, as architecture firm owners worked to maintain business continuity amidst an unfolding pandemic and economic disruptions while simultaneously addressing an escalating client demand for more sustainable, ethical design. The demands have called upon architects and designers to find new ways of working and to deliver results that will benefit their clients and the communities served by their projects well into the future.

Throughout external disruptions beyond its control, the AEC industry has learned important lessons that are helping to redefine the industry and shape future work. In this article, Roderick Bates, Head of Integrated Practice at Enscape, highlights five of the most powerful of these lessons.


One thought on “Five Powerful Lessons Shaping the Future of AEC

  1. I was wondering whether the owner’s use of a digital twin model for building management, user services, energy minimization, etc. might be added to the 5 points discussed in this article. The current practice of providing rolls of drawings or comparable pdf files seems totally obsolete and not a useful approach.

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