Autodesk’s 2014 AEC Portfolio

This month Autodesk released its 2014 product portfolio, comprising of some new products and updated versions of its existing products across all of its “Design and Creation Suites” for the three main industries it caters to: Manufacturing, Infrastructure (including Buildings), and Media and Entertainment. This article explores the new 2014 Autodesk Building Design Suite that is targeted towards the AEC industry. It looks at key updates to existing products like Revit and Navisworks as well as new products that have introduced in the 2014 release, including AutoCAD Raster Design for vectorizing scanned drawings, and Autodesk Recap for working with point clouds.


2 thoughts on “Autodesk’s 2014 AEC Portfolio

  1. Interesting the way Autodesk use the Suites. but they are missing support for older Suites.They should keep giving the service to old Suites instead of forcing companies to get more programs that they will not use. You can get a Structural Engineer who can be forced to buy 8 more programs, even if he uses 3 or 4 programs from the new Autodesk Building Suite.

  2. The 2014 suites’ industry specific workflows address specific user needs and strengthen compatibility between products. For example, suites containing Autodesk Revit products and Autodesk AutoCAD software enjoy tighter interoperability so when it is time to import forms from AutoCAD into Revit products, the forms retain much greater integrity, or when it is time to output drawings in AutoCAD, users can generate 2D documentation within Revit products. Suites containing Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor software will benefit from tighter interoperability that allows customers, such as building product manufacturers, to simplify and export an Inventor model into a Revit file format for the construction environment without exposing any sensitive intellectual property.

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