A Level of Development Specification for BIM Processes

In 2008, Jim Bedrick published an article in AECbytes entitled “Organizing the Development of a Building Information Model” in which he introduced the concept of LOD. At that time, the acronym stood for “Level of Detail.” Since then, a lot of work has gone into the LOD framework by organizations including the the AIA California Council IPD committee, the AIA Contract Documents Committee, and the AGC’s BIMForum. The concept has evolved into “Level of Development” and it is discussed in depth by Jim Bedrick in this follow-up article.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/viewpoint/2013/issue_68.html

3 thoughts on “A Level of Development Specification for BIM Processes

  1. Mr Bedrick –
    Has the AIA, or BIMForum, or whomever has the reigns of the LOD Specification considered submitting it as a ballot to the NIBS buildingSMART Alliance National BIM Standard? Ballot submittal opens June 1. I think it would be a valuable addition.

  2. … Another thought. Even if the new LOD Specification us not submitted as a ballot, the terms and definitions from it might find their way into the NBIMS Glossary by any one of a number of channels. I am one of those channels. I can be reached through my NBIMS project committee listing.

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