ArchiCAD 17

This review explores the latest release of ArchiCAD, version 17, from Graphisoft, whose key enhancements are the ability to automatically clean up junctions between construction elements in the entire model based on the intersection priority value specified for different building materials; real-time 3D cutaways that can be created by multiple cutting planes, providing very specific interior views of the model; background processing support for faster generation of complex model details; the ability to link vertical building elements to a specific story, allowing them to be automatically adjusted when the story height is changed; expanded IFC support; and several additional productivity enhancements.


2 thoughts on “ArchiCAD 17

  1. Well balanced review. Please be aware that ArchiCAD already had sophisticated section possibilities since many versions using the Marquee and the Legacy Cutaway planes. They are more freely definable now and with an easier interface.

    I agree on lack of other associativity. And while linking to floor levels is nice to have, it’s not an everyday operation to change floor levels.

    Having the focus on interoperability through IFC rather than through direct inter-application connections is the best solution in the long term. This will work with almost any BIM software on earth, regardless of brand or version or operating system. With Revit, you see the reverse: Windows-based, need licenses for all applications and run them on the same machine, and often tied to particular versions of the software.
    Architects typically would not have structural calculation software, yet can collaborate with other firms through openBIM.

  2. I find the priority by material a bit confusing: you’d expect layers have priorities by their stuctural usage. For example that brick layer can be structural or non-stuctural and the detail would look a lot different.

    And why is this coming in version 17? I think Autocad Architectural Desktop had wall priorities a decade ago.

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