Newforma Model Viewer

This review explores in detail Newforma’s new Model Viewer for viewing and navigating model files published from Revit in Newforma Project Center. It is part of the Newforma Building Information Management module, and is a dramatic development for Newforma Project Center, integrating it with Revit much more closely than in previous versions. It adds a toolbar to the Revit ribbon that allows Revit files to be easily published to the Viewer, and is closely integrated with Newforma Project Center as well as Newforma Info Exchange, allowing the extended project team to link the relevant model views to action items, change orders, RFIs, etc .


One thought on “Newforma Model Viewer

  1. When I go to the website to view the program and see how much it costs, it takes me to a contact dialog box where I have to call a salesdroid/whatever. That is not convenient and doesn’t give me a clue as to whether the program is ‘worth it’ Sorry, but the nano-second I see that, I think ‘Ah, an overpriced, ‘enterprise’, proprietary program which probably has an alternative that is 1/10th the price with 90% of the features.’

    That is just what experience has taught me when a company doesn’t show pricing for its software.

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