AEC Technology Updates, Fall 2013

This article captures the semi-annual update of the main developments from AEC technology vendors in the last six to seven months, including an overview of the 2014 version of Nemetchek Vectorworks that has just been released, the latest developments from Assemble’s cloud based platform for extracting data from BIM models, a new mobile app called Field3D for viewing IFC models, a new EnergyPlus integration that boosts Sefaira’s energy analysis capabilities, the latest developments in Newforma’s suite of tools for project information management, a new TurboSite plug-in for AutoCAD from IMSI/Design, a new way to view SketchUp models on the iPad using Viso3D, updated Revit add-in tools from CTC, and finally, the developments in ArchVision’s RPC content creation and management tools.