AEC Technology Updates: Design and Analysis Applications

This article is the second of the two-part article series capturing the key AEC technology updates in the last six to seven months. While the first article, published last week, looked at the updates related to construction and facilities management applications, the updates related to building design and analysis applications are explored in this article, including Graphisoft’s BIMx Pro, Nemetschek’s Allplan, 4M’s IntelliCAD-based BIM suite, the new MEPdesigner for SketchUp from Trimble, ArchiCAD add-ons from the Cadimage Group, Revit Express tools from CTC, Trelligence Affinity, Sefaira Systems, IESVE, and BIMcollab for the new field of issue management in BIM.


2 thoughts on “AEC Technology Updates: Design and Analysis Applications

  1. Dear Lachmi,

    Great article – as always! Reading through your update on Graphisoft’s BIMx, I was wondering if there is any news on the mark-up function that seemed to be desired by the industry. I also know for a fact that contractors in particular are very keen on a measuring capability as they use the tool to manage progress on-site and often want to cross-check distances without having to go back into an original authoring/coordination tool.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. When I first explored BIMx Docs (the earlier name for BIMx Pro) last year for a dedicated product review, it didn’t have any markup or measuring capability. It seems that the idea was to provide access to all the 3D models and 2D drawings of a project, so any information that might be needed would be contained within the project documentation.

    When Graphisoft introduced BIMcloud last year (, there was talk of enhancing BIMx Docs with markup and messaging capability. While messaging has been now added to BIMx Pro, there is no markup (or measuring) capability yet. I agree this would be very useful to have. Hope Graphisoft is taking note of this feature request and can provide it soon!

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