Integration of BIM with Facility Systems to Support HVAC Troubleshooting

This article by Dr. Semiha Ergan, an Assistant Professor at New York University, Polytechnic School of Engineering in Civil and Urban Engineering Department, describes a recent project that she led with her student, Xue Yang, now a 360BIM consultant at Autodesk, to address the challenges HVAC mechanics face when troubleshooting HVAC related problems. They have developed a data schema that extends IFC and integrates as-built BIM, BAS (Building automation system), and CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) data required for troubleshooting in a single repository which can be used by HVAC mechanics instead of going back and forth between FMS archives, command centers, and facility floors to get access to the facility/system specific information they need.


One thought on “Integration of BIM with Facility Systems to Support HVAC Troubleshooting

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