Automated Code Compliance Updates


In October 2015, I published an article on the state of the art of automated code checking in AEC, in which I found that it had not made as much progress as one might expect given the early attempts to automate code-checking, even prior to BIM. Following the publication of that article, I received several comments, some of which were pointers to additional work being done in the area of automated code checking that I was not aware of. This follow-up article explores these and some additional efforts I came across in the course of my research on automating code compliance, both on the commercial front as well as in academia, where this is still very much an open topic for investigation.


4 thoughts on “Automated Code Compliance Updates

  1. It is curious that you do not mention the Solibri product that has the ability to check BIM models for code and also user requirement checking. The analysis and reporting content are nicely developed for checking and reporting compliance conflicts. Look at this solution in your research.

  2. It would seem that automated code checking would be a significant topic for the Int. Code Council (ICC). Yet, I saw no mention of this topic on their web site. Are you familiar with any efforts from this source for automated code checking?

  3. I briefly discussed SMARTreview, which checks a BIM model for compliance with the ICC, in this article. With regard to the ICC initiatives themselves, as I mentioned in my 2015 article on code-checking (, the ICC’s SMARTcodes project to automate BIM-based code compliance was discontinued in 2008. We still have the AutoCodes project by Fiatech, which I also described in that article. I didn’t find any additional updates on AutoCodes at this time, but I will be keeping track of developments. Hopefully, there will be some the next time I write about this topic!

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