For the past few years, GRAPHISOFT has been hosting an annual invitation-only event that brings together its key clients across the world. Called the Key Client Conference (KCC), the 2017 event was held a couple of weeks ago in Kyoto, Japan, and the opportunity to attend it enabled me to get a much better understanding of the use of GRAPHISOFT’s products at a global level rather than primarily in North America where I am based.

This article captures the highlights of the event comprising updates from GRAPHISOFT, the global launch of ARCHICAD 21, an overview of several third party solutions working with GRAPHISOFT products, and a glimpse at some examples of the use of these products by customers worldwide.


One thought on “GRAPHISOFT KCC 2017

  1. Archicad is an excellent product but this is only grudgingly admitted by North American based critics, which have been gazumped by Autodesk. It is probably better for architects than Autocad,but could, or would, this be admitted by US users? I suppose that Autodesk’s PR budget might exceed the entire value of Graphisoft and Americans are too easily swayed by slick promos. Thank you for your fair review.

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