Aditazz Design Synthesis Application


In an AEC technology landscape that has an overall dearth of “smart” tools, the Aditazz Design Synthesis application has the potential to become one. It is focused on creating libraries of rooms for different project types that are pre-validated for code-compliance, which means that when they are used in a project, they can come with the assurance that they already satisfy the internal requirements of that space. Its objective is to make it easier and faster to design projects with highly regulated design requirements such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and so on, using rooms that are already code-compliant. The application comes with a Revit plug-in that has bidirectional integration, allowing the rooms to be placed in a Revit project and still continue to be monitored for code-compliance.

The application is still in a very early stage with several interface enhancements required before it can be commercially released, but the underlying concept is intriguing and represents a unique way of thinking about rule-based design and how it can be applied in AEC.