BIM-Integrated Issue Management


In this Viewpoint article, Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of KUBUS BV, discusses the importance of integrated and centralized BIM issue management, not only to improve the quality of BIM data, but also of the design process in AEC.

Integrated issue management enables multi-disciplinary design teams to improve early design knowledge-sharing. In later phases, clash detection or advanced model checking is helpful for quality assurance, but being able to find clashes without a structured way to get them solved does not guarantee high quality model-data. Without integrated BIM issue management, projects will continue to deal with issues on an ad hoc basis and will never reach a point where the data has no defects anymore before construction starts. A dedicated issue-management tool that can organize and help to resolve the large number of issues in AEC projects is essential to creating the high-quality BIM data for successfully executing these projects.


One thought on “BIM-Integrated Issue Management

  1. Hello Erik,

    This also leads to reduced RFI’s,or the questions that are asked are more targeted on important topics. A dedicated issue management in place needs to be mandatory across all the trades. There may be a situation where the RFI’s may increaese but this process improves the RFI process rather than decreasing the number of RFI’s.

    Thanks for a good article on how BIM tools and processes can execute construction projects.



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